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I was lonely before I met you. You made me addicted to you. Now that you have left, and I am back to being alone,I hate myself. I have lost my best friend, my love and myself. I hope it was worth it for you.

I hate you.. For all the dreams you made me see.. For all the happiness that you made me feel.. For the sunsets that never were. For the endless nights that will never come.. I hate you for teaching me how to dream and then taking it away. I hate you.. so much.

I lied to you. I was always in love with you. Since the day we met for the first time. The day we became friends. the day we became best friends. the day we became more than best friends. I was always in love with you, all along. now we have parted ways. Never to meet ever again and still i love you, more than ever, every moment, every day. Find me someday. I would like to hold your hand once more. they fit so perfect. I miss it.

Everything I do reminds me of you. The scent in the air. The light in my eyes. The music in my ears and the taste on my lips scream of how much I love you. I want to move on, for your sake, for our sake. Why did I ever think loving you would be worth lossing everything. Loosing you is loosing everything,that’s the truth and I realize now. Mumu. Mine forever.

I miss you. I am being strong for you. I am moving on. But my life feels so much pretentious without you. I haven’t heard a goodnight in ages. I haven’t woken up to good mornings also. I am miserable without you. Ammu you are the love of my life.

i got married 6 years back and haven’t been happy since… getting terrible day by day…

I sent a picture I shouldn’t have sent.

I am in love with two females at the same time… my wife and my sis-in-law. Not really thinking if it is right or wrong, but this is what I have realized over past several days. I have not told this to either of them, but just wanted to get this out somewhere!!

I still love you Chris and I think about you a lot, and I feel kinda creepy for venting this like this, but I just need to see it in words sometimes because I hate you so much too.

I have done sexting in the past although I am 17. I enjoy it but i really hate myself for that. I have my 12th boards this year and used to be a brilliant student and the head girl. I really feel ashamed and I promise I won’t do it again. Just wanted to share.

I love you so much.. I know you are getting married.. I know we can never happen.. But I know this too, you have not loved anyone like you have loved me.. and I am proud that I was able to return some of that love to you.. I wanted you to be my first because I wanted to remember you that way.. I wanted to give you something no one could take away from us.. I am sorry for letting you go.. I am sorry that you had to do this.. No matter what.. I love you, because you are awesome. my awesome..

Its been almost a year since, i had a talk with you. I dont even understand y I could nt able to forget you still. you left me alone. you promised me that u would be staying in my life for ever. but you cheated. you walked out my life and left me alone.i want to hug you and spill out all my pain. but there is no chance. I know that you wont come ever back. but y my mind cant stop thinking about you.i am just always thinking about you and wishing to speak with you. All the time

I don’t think my mum sees any need to like me. i am going to have to come to terms with it.

I like my best guy friend.
I have entertained men online by showing them my boobs. and i feel terrible and i don’t know why i did it.